At Euroclass we aim to endeavour to make sure that all the activities give the teenagers:

  • Good friendships and friends for life. Therefore we prioritize good social fellowship.
  • Engaging staff members who are good role models, who will endeavour to help the students’ personal growth and development.
  • A positive lifestyle with clear views. Which is practiced within today’s society from a Christian perspective.
  • A practical learning environment with creative possibilities. That will ensure the development of practical skills.

Social fellowship

  • Group field trips, events etc.
  • Sport.
  • Spontaneous "cosy times".

Personal development

  • To meet each individual where he/she is at.
  • Challenges in strength of self worth.
  • Responsible or accountable in relation to the fellowship/to the other students and staff at Euroclass.
  • Adapt to any given situation or view on life.

Participation in the local society

  • To know and understand the foundations of a democratic society.
  • Project assignments.
  • To know and understand different conditions in other countries.
  • Trips abroad to get to know other countries and cultures.

Practical development

  • Able to structure your everyday life, e.g. teaching, work, time and money.
  • To train you to be flexible, polite, helpful, persevering and cooperative.
  • To learn how to plan and execute social work in connection with e.g. prisons, schools, and children’s homes in Denmark and abroad.