Euroclass values are based on a Christian world view, as well as our joint Danish cultural inheritance, therefore we believe that:

  • Every single person is created by God and are all unique.
  • Every single person is loved by God, as shown through Jesus Christ, and therefore deserves respect and care.

Therefore we at the school:

  • Should give and show each other the trust and respect each individual deserves, as well as giving room for each individuals differences.
  • Look for the best in each other, create closeness, openness, and care for each other.

At Euroclass we build on the acknowledgement that there is only one God, who has created each person uniquely and with a special purpose. God meets humanity through Jesus Christ with love and forgiveness. This faith finds its nourishment in the Bible, which we consider the most important source of Gods revelation.

This of course has a great impact on the way we live together in the everyday life of the school:

  • We want to experience and show each other trust and respect. When the atmosphere is impacted through trust, we also experience honesty and accountability. We respect each other´s choices, the school and each other´s belongings.
  • We want to be embracing. The fact that we are different as human beings we see as a strength to the fellowship.
  • We want to bring out the best in each other. We see each other as unique. Therefore we will search for and bring out each other´s talents, gifts and personal abilities.
  • We want to create an atmosphere of care and openness. Even though we can’t replace each others close family, then our goal is to create a safe environment at the school.